Zen Space Tab is here to help you relax and help you get back in the present moment. Breathe deeply and customize your new tab. Get inspiring notifications with every breath.

About Us

Our mission at is to be the beacon of transformation in the digital and physical realms. We're committed to harnessing the vast potential of search, turning every click into value, and ensuring businesses thrive in this digital age. Concurrently, our passion lies in redefining spaces, creating building extensions that not only add square footage but also enrich lives. We aim to bridge the gap between the digital monetisation landscape and tangible structural advancements, ensuring our clients experience unparalleled growth and living solutions tailored for tomorrow.

See Our Beautiful extension

Immerse yourself in a world of visual splendor with our captivating extension. Elevating your browsing experience to new heights, this remarkable tool doesn't just extend functionality—it transforms your digital space into a gallery of breathtaking beauty. The secret? A curated collection of exquisite backgrounds that seamlessly blend artistry and technology. From mesmerizing landscapes to abstract masterpieces, each background is a brushstroke of inspiration, turning your new tab into a canvas of aesthetic delight. It's not just a browsing extension; it's a daily escape to a world where every click reveals a fresh visual masterpiece, making your online journey as visually stunning as the content it leads you to.


Why Choose Us

At, we transform digital searches into revenue and craft innovative building extensions. Merging online monetisation with architectural expertise, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital space while enhancing physical environments, offering a unique blend of digital and structural solutions.