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About Us

Girema Holdings Limited identifies markets and builds technologies and online services used by millions of people around the world each day. Our services make it easier for users to communicate, exchange ideas and content, and enjoy their time online and offline. Our services can be seen in downloadable applications running on PCs, mobile phones and tablet devices as well as via the web and online services such as Facebook.
Through our offices we employ over 100 people that are mostly engaged in R&D related activities. We maintain an open, dynamic culture that allows us to bring quality products to market quickly and efficiently. We encourage our people to keep an open mind and think outside the box. There is no such thing as a "dumb idea" for us.

See Our Beautiful extension

Immerse yourself in a world of visual splendor with our captivating extension. Elevating your browsing experience to new heights, this remarkable tool doesn't just extend functionality—it transforms your digital space into a gallery of breathtaking beauty. The secret? A curated collection of exquisite backgrounds that seamlessly blend artistry and technology. From mesmerizing landscapes to abstract masterpieces, each background is a brushstroke of inspiration, turning your new tab into a canvas of aesthetic delight. It's not just a browsing extension; it's a daily escape to a world where every click reveals a fresh visual masterpiece, making your online journey as visually stunning as the content it leads you to.


Why Choose Us

Girema Holdings Limited is home to several dynamic and innovative companies that provide solutions to millions of consumers all over the world. We pride ourselves in our ability to innovate, bring products to market and turn them into lucrative businesses.